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Gaming PC starting to hear some noise

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Hi folks, I just got the AMD 3600XT, RT3070, 16GB RAM, GIGABYTE B550M, Master cooler, Thermaltake 750W gaming pc a week ago playing COD MODEEN WARFARE.

But I start to notice is wheeling noise starting and I feel near the GPU card area is kind of hot. 

Have 2 intake cooling on top, and one exhaust fan in front.

I just restarted the pc checked the temp on BIOS, but it says CPU temp is at 49 celcius.


What is this noise all about?? Should I add exhaust fan at the back too?

It was all quiet back then...



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16GB RAM, not 8
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Couple of things 


it could be coil whine which would require an RMA or replacement of the motherboard or component 


if the fans have ever gone faster than their rated RPM like you blew an air duster into them and made them spin, the bearings are damaged and you will need new fans 


record the sound it makes so I can diagnose further 


also 8GB of ram is not enough today you need to get 16GB this may be making your other components work harder and raising their temperatures and putting the fans into over drive 



my suggestion is just use in-ear earbuds so you can’t hear anything while playing.

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   With your liquid cooling system it's doubtful that CPU overheating is the cause. The noise your hearing could be as simple as the GPU being in a bind by not being seated correctly or a cable putting pressure on the plastic cover.  

    As for possible issues with heat I suggest the following: Your case has mounting locations for 5 fans: 2 front intake, 1 rear exhaust and the 2 on top. Even if the noise your hearing is not caused by excessive heat, I would reverse the front fan to intake and install a 2nd intake fan, under the front cover. I would mount an exhaust fan in the rear location or reverse the top fans to exhaust. Every component inside the case generates heat. The cooler everything runs will extend its lifespan. 

    On my computer case, I have 7 fan mounting locations. I installed 1 intake fan in the bottom, 2 intakes under the front cover, 2 intakes fans on the side cover blowing directly towards the MB and 2 fans on the case top, to extract the hot air. All the intake fans have dust filters.

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Untitled.thumb.png.97a955479336eaa1fd7e62bb5e4e9e1b.pngThanks for replies.

I just played COD for about an hour, but i dont hear that weening noise from yesterday...

I've also downloaded the temp check thing and currently seems it's normal?

I've read somewhere, over 90 celcius is danger zone.

I havent cleaned the fan yet.


If the temp isnt the issue, it's not necessary to change the fan right tweedle??

*but i may wanna add for more surety and cosmetic reasons... 

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   The bios temp reading is only for the CPU, which it being liquid cooled there should be no issue with overheating, unless there a malfunction in the cooling system unit.  The MB, chipsets, RAM etc. rely on airflow for cooling.

    You should change the front case fan from exhaust (blowing out) to intake (blowing in) as per Corsair's website. The front case fan in the upper mounting location primary job is supplying cool air around the GPU.  The tech that installed the fan as exhaust, should have known this. Personally, I would install a 2nd intake fan in the lower mounting location for additional airflow and to cool the      SSD or HDD installed. I would also reverse the top fans to exhaust. Your set-up has 2 fans pulling in cool air and 1 fan trying to push out hot air, which is not very effigiate. As the cool air enters thru the front it absorbs heat and become lighter.  Cool air in from the bottom, pushing hot air out the top.


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Sorry my bad. Actually front is blowing in and two fans on top is blowing out.... 

i just noticed theres exhaust fan on the GPU and that blows directly below to PSU.

But theres no place to put a fan for below back area of the case. 

Theres one above the back area but the airflow maybe restricted by that big ass white gfx card??

Or it's a common thing??



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9 hours ago, villageidiotY2K said:

Actually front is blowing in and two fans on top is blowing out.... 

If the fans are indeed installed as per your quote above and not like you said in the original post, then you are good to go. The fan location on the upper back of the case is for an additional exhaust fan, not intake. But, you still should consider installing an additional fan behind the front cover for airflow across the drive bays. 

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