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Company Sign on Display

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By law is it mandatory to display a company sign outside the company premises and if so is there any time limit?


In particular a company used to buy a house.


I know the company registration should be on display inside the premises but how about a company sign on the outside? Thanks in advance.

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I dont think you would find a requirement just because a company owns a property, maybe a requirement if its the registered office.

I think you would find, In most cases the official address for a company would most likely be the address of the lawyer that set up the company, if there is an official and enforced requirement to display a sign, the lawyer would probably do so. 

A company could own many properties, none of them being the registered office of the company.

Given that a lawyer etc would be doing the once a year audit/tax etc, it would make sense to have official correspondence sent to that address.

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