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Murder hunt on after boxing instructor slain in On Nut, Bangkok

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Murder hunt on after boxing instructor slain in On Nut, Bangkok



Picture: Sanook


Prawet police, forensics, medical staff and the Poh Teck Tung foundation went to On Nut Soi 70/1 after a man was found viciously murdered next to a Vios car. 


He was initially named as Wichan, 46. 


He was found next to the car with a neck wound. He had no shirt, just black track suit bottoms with no shoes.


There was underwear next to the body.


There were dried bloodstains all around the car and on the back seat.


The driver's door and back left side door were unlocked. No weapon was found. 


Locals said that at 10pm they heard the sound of lots of motorcycles in the street and a commotion.


They didn't dare intervene in fear of their safety but after the noise died down they found the body and called the police.


Sanook sources said that the victim was a boxing instructor at a Rama 2 camp who went by the name of "Wichan Noi Sip Jep Yao" in boxing circles. 


He had come from Suphanburi to do business in Bangkok, the sources said, and was due to attend an ordination ceremony on March 20th.


Police offered no motive for the attack as investigations continue. 


Source: Sanook




-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2021-02-23
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2 minutes ago, RJRS1301 said:

Um why didn't they ring police while the "noise" was happening?


And say what,We heard yelling and motorbikes? 


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I asked the Mrs about this, seems he wasn't as pure as the driven snow & may well have been playing away from home, hence the pic of the blonde bird, she had a boyfriend who had lots of friends, read into that what you want.

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From various news reports on the Sanook website:
32 year-old Miss Ploy Pailin confessed to the killing of Wichan after an 8 hour police interview. Her version of events is that on the night of the murder she had met with him in the car to break up with him and ask for the return of the phone she had bought him. She wanted it back because it contained 'important documents' but didn't specify their nature.
However Wichan refused to return it and an argument ensued ending up in him attacking her. She escaped to the back seat, followed by him where the struggle continued. She saw a knife on the back seat grabbed it and slashed him once in the neck. She jumped out the car and Wichan followed and continued to chase her around the car until he succumbed to the injury, collapsed and died.
Pailin then phoned her new bf to come and pick her up.
Police are sceptical of her story and don't believe she acted alone.

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