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I would also suggest to channel your drinking urges into something positive through physical activity.  Start running and cycling at an easy pace.  As you get more comfortable with this routine increase the pace and distance.  As a trade off, all those calories from alcohol you are now not consuming plus the exercise should result in some loss of weight that most people can usually do with.

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On 4/8/2021 at 2:40 PM, Broken Record said:

Try this audiobook, I found it last year, on Saturday I’m one year without Alcohol.


Good luck. 



Well done.

Just started my 18th month of no alcohol.   


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Geeze, tough ask living in Thailand. 

You can't even go for a haircut without being offered a beer. 

The weather, beautiful chicks everywhere, parties, friends calling round for a drink. 

Good luck. 


Have you thought about relocating, say some cold miserable place, North Russia? 

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