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SURVEY: Will Thailand get the virus under control?

SURVEY: Covid, out of control or controllable?  

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Where was the option to say no government can control COVID. No need to bash the thai government.

the third wave has already started several days ago, with many clusters and will last about 3 months (first one was march-may, second december-february). The previous ones were less contagious, s

In the end it boils down to: You can't control what can't be controlled. Believe me. I know what I'm talking about - I am married to a Thai wife!!!!

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34 minutes ago, rabas said:

Can you please provide verifiable evidence  and scientific opinion that the UK strain that entered Cambodia last month from Chinese and India tourists was the precursor of the Kent virus some half year ago in England?  It is easy to show that the Cambodia strain is down stream from the Kent virus.,


The reference you give post from the Bangkok Post does not mention it.


it's too far related to thailand and cambodia, from where it came to thailand.

I do not care much about indian or chinese mutations, as I am not going to travel. 

Probably you can google it in 5 seconds, if really interested

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I thought the government handled the first wave very well indeed.......but they made zero provision for vaccines. Could they be so incompetent to see that vaccination would be the key to reopening the economy? I could see it but Anutin and the blockheads that inhabit his world cannot see anything coming at them. They couldn't organise a pi$$ up in a brewery. They just want the limelight of press conferences to boost their faces.

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1 minute ago, Mr Meeseeks said:

It wasn't incompetence, it was a calculated risk that if the vaccine was produced in country then certain people would directly benefit. 


This is why any criticism of the vaccine procurement programme was met swiftly with criminal charges.

I think Anutin is a buffoon. Do you think Anutin is a competent minister? If, so we can agree to differ.

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Nope. Not a chance in hell. But not only Thailand but every other country as well in spite of draconian shutdown measures. The new normal is masks forever. LOL

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