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Letter to Khurusapha for a 2-year waiver

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My school is asking me to write a letter (or personal statement) in order to apply for a 2 year waiver


Is this normal procedure? If so are there any example letters online?


I thought this process was only for applying for a 5-year permanent license

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I believe I did this, albeit quite a few years ago.


Nothing serious. Just tell them a little about yourself and what a great guy you are. A couple of lines about how much you love teaching in Thailand would not go amiss.

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I never had to do this and this is the first time I heard of it. I've had multiple waivers also. Their petty loopholes always change and vary. But the schools also may vary even within this process.


Funny, if they got a letter talking about how much you can improve the school's spoken English and it's professionalism while you just want to get in and get out for the salary. 555 Keeping it real for them! JK



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