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Pattaya A Dead or Dying City?

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It doesn't take much these days with technology to create fear, TV, media and some ugly looking dudes in suits who are in powerful positions, also wearing a mask, and having been vaccinated.  

After a visit to immigration yesterday I decided to drive down Pattaya Tai, down Second Road, on to Beach Road before returning home. My normal weekly exposure to Pattaya is the motorway to Big C, Pat

If anyone read "The Dark Tower" series, they'll understand the term "the world has moved on."  Yes, everything is shut down by decree and will probably go on an "open/shut" roller coaster for a year o

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1 minute ago, petermik said:

Too much common sense...they don`t go in for that here

Too much work too..... successful projects are in short supply.

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  • CharlieH changed the title to Pattaya A Dead or Dying City?
1 minute ago, soi3eddie said:


It will likely bounce back somewhat. There's millions of men around the world who haven't had a <deleted> for over a year. Many will hurry back to Pattaya once they can.


Yes, and the scams will continue unabated....this is just Karma <deleted> with all those Birdies who scammed horny tourists back in the day....55555

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18 minutes ago, Sticky Rice Balls said:

Someone please think of the poor thieving Pattaya ladyboys looking for gold wearing fools...

Trust me, the LBs are not the only ones who steal...just ask the the thousands of nice dudes who got scammed by the Go Go Birdies....and lost a <deleted> load of money.

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3 minutes ago, zhounan said:

Thailand will have to review its development model.
In the decade to come, it will no longer be possible to rely entirely on the international tourism sector. 
This implies a clear reappraisal of tourist sites, including Pattaya.

You obviously don't work for TAT..........and never will, with that attitude......555

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34 minutes ago, thaibeachlovers said:

All areas that depended on tourism, which of course is more or less extinct in Pattaya.

Had you driven around the areas that people actually live in things might be different.


I think the council is missing a golden opportunity to demolish the entire area and construct a proper beach promenade 4 times wider, build 4 or even 6 lane roads with bus lanes and with proper wide pavements, put in some proper drainage that can handle the rain, and even put the monorail in. That way when tourism returns, as it will, things would be better.

However, I remember how after the tsunami wiped all the accommodation off Phi Phi they rebuilt the same <deleted> <deleted> as it was before, so I have no hope the council will take the opportunity to improve Pattaya. A golden opportunity wasted.

Trust me dude, this is the plan...they will build it for the upper middle class Chinese and Indians who have billions to spend.  Same thing is happening to Amsterdam and Vegas...it is all about family with easy money.  They can make billions turning that area into a Disneyland style walking street .....Billions!

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