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Do not feed cats inside the condo property, what is their legal right to do this ? who is this condo manager, how to get rid of him ?

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Yep... You’ve definitely got some mental issues. Forget about the cats, get yourself to a specialist, there is medication you can take which could help.     

You have proved that with your post !!!       Nice, are all ‘cat lover’ so tolerant ?     Are you going to pay the bills to ensure the cats are spayed so that ther

You’re getting extremely angry about feeding a cat.....  you have some issues.     For the record its perfectly reasonable for the people working on the Juristic committee to advise you

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*Deleted post edited out*


It will be in the Condo regulations NO PETS....even  not yours,

the managers name is Somchai,     how you get rid of him

is up to you.

Like I said before feed them outside, you said Condo land

was huge... have a good nights sleep ,things will look better in the morning.

regards worgeordie

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2 hours ago, samtab said:



Fine for a stray cat that do not belong to me ? I wish them to try ! let's see who will feel the pain of the fine the most...


another brave man here it seems...




Fine for littering

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