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I am getting old  and slow and rely more on Golf Carts. As I am not all that familiar with the courses around Pattaya can someone tell me the courses most amenable to carts IE covering most holes and getting closer to the green. 

Also which courses provide a flag system for more access. I know Laem Chabang does.

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It often depends on the condition of the courses whether they let carts actually off the cart paths and onto the fairways.....after a lot of rain caddies are advised to stick to cart paths.

Some courses whether you are young or old simply are impracticle to walk due to extrame elivations and carts are compulsary. Red Mountain in Phuket, Chiang Mai Highlands and Wangjuntr Golf Park near Rayong are good examples.

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I was just wondering if it's common or unusual to have a flag system. I only found out yesterday that it's for Handicapped Golfers.  Well it's what my caddie asked for when she took me back to the desk at Eastern Star.

I found it made a hell of an improvement of my enjoyment. Mind you my golf was the same as usual - rubbish.

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