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Prominent doctor urges postponement of Thailand’s reopening to foreign tourists in July

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If we wait until the Thailand and world is 100% safe, I'm pretty sure Thailand will be in the grip of the next Chinese  pandemic and flapping about again.   Open up 100%, Wash hands, wear a

If this is to protect tourists from catching covid? then I agree. Thailand is not really a safe place to visit t the moment or in the next few months

The problem is that people also dying from poverty, depression and even starvation when they cannot go to work.  this is what mexico figured out in the begining of the pandemic, hence never closed cor

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1 hour ago, sammieuk1 said:

Where is Dr Opas and Dr Yong with more words of wisdom and maybe say actually we are the dirty ones now 🤔

Or that crazy haired Doctor Ponthip. Inquiring mind want to know!

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at least one professional opinion. thank you doc, absolutely spot on. not everyone in this country apparently is a slave of the tourism industry. of cause, that could go wrong for Phuket? PM just wai one time, say "sorry" 3 times, gets fine 6000 baht and continue his term

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New Marketing Slogan


Wuhan 2.0


I'm sure there are millions of chinese ready to sit next to a table near you......


if you got the vax, it's OK.  but no vax......well, tourists won't care if you get covid.   


not a safe strategy

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For a change have a doctor who is not wrong, HOWEVER Phuket governor claimed not too long ago that most on the island have been vaccinated already, and new rule is people have to stay in Phuket for 14 days. If they wish to travel they have to have a test prior to leaving the island.


To me Phuket is ready with all precautions taken, even if some are very idiotic.


As for the rest of the country, well that have to take up with Anutin, who knows nothing about anything and nothing is his fault about anything, but he does know that all going according to a plan,Plan which he knows nothing about

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