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Travel restrictions and entry requirements for Malaysia during COVID-19

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Updated June 26 2021


Travel Restrictions

Tourism: Available to for some. 
Testing: Negative COVID-19 test is required for all countries.
Quarantine Required: For some nationalities
Quarantine Details: Quarantine varies between 7 and 10 days depending on nationality.

Masks: Masks are required in public spaces



COVID Restrictions in Malaysia

Lockdown: Some
Events: Prohibited
Transport: Operating but with restrictions
Shopping: Open
Eating out: Restaurants are take-out only


Malaysia Entry Requirements

Category of Passengers Allowed to enter Malaysia: - Malaysian - Foreigners with permanent resident status - Diplomat and dependents of foreign mission in Malaysia - Expatriates and their dependents, including foreign maids to expatriates who are holding a valid long-term pass and/or has obtained pass approval application to enter Malaysia.


The application made through MYEntry system in ESD: https://esd.imi.gov.my/portal/ The category of the pass are as follows:

a) Residence Pass-Talent (RP-T) and their dependent/s

b) Employment Pass (Category EP I, II and III)

c) Professional Visit Pass (PVP)

d) Dependent Pass to expatriate for all categories

e) Long Term Social Visit Pass (LT-SVP) to expatriate for all categories

f) Foreign Maid to expatriate for all categories

g) Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Pass Holders

h) Student Pass Holders

i) Medical Tourism – Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC)

j) Other Long-Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) (Resident Pass / Temporary Employment Visit Pass (PLKS) / Professional Visit Pass (PVP/PLIK) / Dependent Pass to the LTVP Holders

k) Oil and Gas workers and Seafarers


The following passengers are not allowed entry to Malaysia:

- Passengers/nationals of Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, German, India, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States.


- Passengers from the aforementioned nations, however, can transit in KLIA within 24 hours.

- Transit passengers bound for China. Effective May 08, 2021, foreign nationals from Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, Nepal (including earlier advisory for India) travelling to or transiting in Malaysia are not allowed until further notice.

This entry restriction applies to: - All category of Long-Term Visit Pass holders (including student pass).

- Business travelers; and - Social Visit Pass (the ban has been imposed earlier since 7 September 2020).

- The following categories of passengers with entry approval obtained through My travel Pass (MTP) may be allowed from to enter Malaysia but subject to a 14-day quarantine.

*Permanent Residents and Holders of Long Terms Social Visit Pass

*Holders of Diplomatic Passport and Officials including their family members.

- Entry and exit approval that have been obtained earlier (7 May and earlier), either through MyTravelPass, MyEntry or any other mechanism are VOID and no longer valid.

*Note: Following the above entry restriction, the Malaysian High Commission in Dhaka will temporarily suspend all Visa related services until further notice.

- For enquiries, please email: [email protected]


Latest Travel Advisory

1. Passengers are not allowed to enter. This does not apply to: - nationals of Malaysia; - passengers with a diplomatic passport; - passengers with MyTravelPass (MTP) obtained at https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main ; - students with a written approval from immigration applied at https://educationmalaysia.gov.my/ ; - merchant seamen with an official letter from the company certified by Malaysian immigration and joining the ship no later than 24 hours from arrival.


2. Passengers arriving from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan or Sri Lanka are not allowed to enter and transit. This does not apply to: - nationals of Malaysia; - permanent residents of Malaysia with MyTravelPass (MTP) obtained at https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main ; - spouses of nationals of Malaysia with MyTravelPass (MTP) obtained at https://mtp.imi.gov.my/myTravelPass/main .


3. Passengers must install 'MySejahtera app' in their phone and complete the health declaration at least one day before departure.


4. Passengers must have a negative COVID-19 RT-PCR test taken at most 3 days before departure from the first embarkation point.


5. Passengers are subject to a COVID-19 RT-PCR test upon arrival at their own expense.


6. Passengers are subject to medical screening and quarantine for 14 days or 21 days at the first point of entry at their own expense.


7. Airline crew must have their names listed on the General Declaration.


8. Airline crew are subject to quarantine until their next flight and must install 'MySejahtera app' in their phone.


9. Transfer from an international flight to a domestic flight is not allowed. - This does not apply to nationals of Malaysia traveling to Sarawak.


10. Passengers traveling to Sarawak must complete an "enterSarawak" form and an "eHealth Declaration Form" before departure at https://sarawakdisastermc.com/.










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My recent experience entering on a PVP.


It is essential that the 'MySejahtera' app is installed before you enter the country as the first step is registering on it. If you haven't downloaded and installed it first, you are on the back of the queue for the check-in QR code scan. I made sure I had a data package in case the free airport Wi-Fi was poor (it usually is). The app is very good, much better than the Thai one. I was even able to book Covid vaccinations on it.


You should arrange and pay for your 14-quarantine before you arrive. Otherwise it will take a lot longer to get through the checks and testing at the airport before even getting to immigration. Prepaying the accommodation and two PCR tests and ground transportation costs in advance, it still took over 2 hours between deplaning and getting into the taxi to the hotel in Subang, a further 35 minute ride.


The 14-day quarantine is exactly 14 days regardless of the time you check in to the quarantine hotel. I checked in at 23:30 and that was considered day #1. You get a medical bracelet that identifies you as 'person under observation'. It gets removed on the 14th day if all goes well. You need to scan a hotel QR code every day while 'pou' and answer the yes/no questions. There's a 1-time scan of a QR code that launches a mental health yes/no questionnaire.


The 14-day quarantine is totally in your room. No easing of movement or special controlled areas. The only time you get outside is for the 2nd PCR test that's done outside your door. The 3 meals provided can be pretty bad so better pack some of your favorites first. My hotel allowed a 1-time/day fast food delivery but despite Grab delivery taking on average only 15 minutes, by the time they get the burger or pizza from reception to your room, it's cold. They did provide a microwave though.


Interstate travel will most likely see you doing another 14-day hotel quarantine at your destination (like I did). The food was better but no microwave and no Grab option. I didn't need to wear the medical bracelet but had to keep it with me. Hotel security was strict and even walking the open air mezzanine with a mask on got me red-carded and sent back to my room. The fines for breaking quarantine restrictions are around 48,000 baht equivalent. There are police checkpoints on the highways; my paperwork was checked 3 times during a 6 hour drive up the coast.

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On 7/15/2021 at 9:09 AM, abby0930 said:

If we are vaccinated, do we still need to undergo quarantine?

Thank you


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