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11 Things That Are Illegal in Brunei

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By Sam Bedford


While the Sultanate of Brunei gets few tourists, untouched natural beauty and fascinating culture await those willing to make the journey. However, all of this comes with some harsh laws and punishments – from caning to long jail sentences.


Brunei is a tiny nation with a formidable set of laws and customs. Operating under Sharia law, the Islamic sultanate has strict rules in line with its deeply-held reverence for religion. Travellers to Brunei are expected to follow these rules closely, with few exceptions made for foreign visitors. To help smooth over your stay in this fascinating nation, here are 11 things that are illegal Brunei.


Buying alcohol and drinking in public

Brunei’s strict sharia law bans the sale of alcohol. But it’s not all bad news for drinkers: Non-Muslims over the age of 17 have a generous duty free allowance. You can bring two litres of liquor or 12 cans of beer into the country every 48 hours. Fill in a customs form at the airport and keep it with you at all times in case of an inspection. Tourists can drink alcohol in hotel rooms or private residences as long as they’re not intoxicated in public.


The ‘close proximity’ law

It’s against the law in Brunei for men and women who aren’t blood relatives or married, to be alone together. This is the same as some countries in the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia. This only really applies to Bruneian Muslims, but punishments can sometimes be harsh especially when authorities suspect adultery. Things that might appear innocuous to us such as walking in the mall or sitting in the park can be illegal in Brunei.


Continue reading: https://theculturetrip.com/asia/brunei-darussalam/articles/11-things-that-are-illegal-in-brunei/


-- The Culture Trip 


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On 7/1/2021 at 12:10 PM, Jonathan Fairfield said:

Buying alcohol and drinking in public

Brunei’s strict sharia law bans the sale of alcohol.

BS There are lots of Chinese non Muslims living there. Then there is Panaga Club, Royal Brunei Yacht Club. 


All the other stuff on the list is irrelevant. I doubt the author has even been there.

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