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Unfortunately, my only experience with Laos has been the Pakse Hotel, though I do hope to add to that in the future.


There's a direct bus from Ubon that takes you across the border. It stops at immigration to get you stamped on either side. Then it drops you off in a weird area slightly outside of town, so you've gotta take a taxi back to the hotel.


The hotel is wonderful. Rustic old style, lots of wood trim everywhere. Pity I lost those pics. I just got these of the rooftop restaurant. Amazing views. Awesome food. Around the hotel there's a nightclub, travel agents who can arrange tours, hiking trips, river trips. Lots of the old French colonial stuff to see around, like huge sidewalks for accommodating cafe tables, street vendors, and such. Sure wish we had those in the LOS.


Highly recommended. Definitely do this instead of just planning a visa run. Cheers.




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I've stayed at the Pakse Hotel many times over the last 10 years, and completely agree with you!  Love the rooftop restaurant!  Great place to stay.

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