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Help the people of Myanmar

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The brutal junta in Myanmar continues to outlaw, murder, torture and imprison innocent men, women and children despite the international news coverage cooling down in recent months. Likewise the brave and oppressed people of Myanmar continue to resist and fight for their human rights and democracy whilst fighting Covid with little government support. The fight is still going on particularly in the ethnic minority states where many of those who resist have taken refuge. Most of these people have nothing so a little help from us would be greatly appreciated.


The problem they are facing now is international profile, and funding for the resistance particularly the Civil Disobedience Movement (CDM) and civil society in general such as the AAPP.


People are striking across government sectors without pay, CDM funds have been really useful to keep up the spirit and livelihoods of the peaceful protestors. If in any way you can donate funds, raise awareness among your community and crowdfund this would be a massive help.


If nothing else, at least keep yourself informed as to what is still going on inside the country.


I doubt that the forum would allow me to list the links to the various organisations that are helping but you can simply Google the names I have provided. Here are some good ones:


Isupportmyanmar  A very good selection of community support organisations.


Mutual Aid Myanmar - Students, civil servants, nurses, and others are putting their lives on the line to resist tyranny. In order to sustain the movement, they need lost-income support for food, healthcare and housing.


Assistance Association for Political Prisoners - based in Mai Sot, Thailand, where they have a museum documenting some of the junta’s methods and atrocities. They can be found on the Web as aappb.org, Twitter as aapp_burma and Facebook as burmapoliticalprisoners.


Frontier Myanmar - a good read - online publication that keeps the world informed of what’s actually going on inside the country - free editions, and you can support through a paid subscription.


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