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Thailand – isolation tents for Corona patients due to overcrowding in hospitals

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To reduce overcrowding inside hospitals in Bangkok due to the high number of Corona infections after the widespread spread of the Delta strain recently, the Thai authorities decided to allow Corona patients with mild or no symptoms to stay at home or in isolation tents centers in the Klong Toei area of Bangkok instead of hospitals. 


With the aim of preventing the transmission of the virus to their families and providing care for the injured inside the tents, 20 isolation centers were opened in different areas in Bangkok to provide basic care for Covid-19 patients with mild to moderate symptoms, and if their symptoms worsen, they are admitted to hospitals.




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Filling up a hospital with people who do not have any or only mild symptoms has always seemed like an unwise way to handle this pandemic. I hope that the field hospitals and isolation tents are used a lot more.   Making people go back to their crowded homes, with only 1 bathroom for 8 people.  Or other factors that keep people from being able to isolate away from their healthy family members, is helpful in keeping the virus from spreading. It is a shame that some posters on this forum, think that all Thai families get to  have the same kind of accommodations that they enjoy. Even my Thai relatives have 8 members in a 3 story structure with only 2 bathrooms and one kitchen and eating place. Isolation is very difficult.


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