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Lonely Single Guy Advertises himself on the street to find a partner

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Jesse's on street promotion Image credit: Jesse James Joves 


It can be frustrating to find a significant other or jowa, especially if you have been single for years.


You have probably memorized all the rituals that go along with dating, only to find yourself still alone despite putting yourself out there many times.


For one Philippine netizen Jesse, who had been single for eight years, finding the special one takes some extra creativity.


This entertaining photo of a weird guy who is offering himself as goods at a jowa community pantry elicit comments from the netizens.


Inspired by the unique community pantries sprouting up in various cities such as the community pantry in Makati, Jesse decided that it’s also the right time to auction himself in what he calls the  “Jowa Community Pantry.” 

And as friends should be, his friends were quick to rally behind their single friend’s initiative.


One friend, Hannah Khatibi, wondered in the comments section whether he was only slightly used or not, to which Joves answered humorously, “used but not abused.” 



Image credit: Jesse James Joves 


According to his Facebook post prior to his parody pantry’s opening, he’s been single for 8 years.


“I’ve been single for 8 years  and I’m going to put myself in a community pantry soon.”


One of his friends, Eds Siongco Laguitao, offered him consolation, telling him in the comments section that she had also been single for a long time before she met her significant other.


“It’s okay Jesse, I’d been single for 8 years before I met Jasper. One year later, we were in a relationship. Just hold on, friend.”


Finding our jowa may take a long time, but the long search is going to be worth it in the end.


Being single for a while can feel like being left out, but with timing and circumstances, we will all hope find our person in times when we least expect it. 


In the age of tik tok, Facebook and Twitter, ones message can be seen by millions. Jesse's local promotion could have been seen only by a few local passersby, however he cleverly used this plea and it went viral.


Here is hoping that Jesse founder his ideal partner and can have his happily ever after too in the end. 


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