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On 7/22/2021 at 2:11 PM, Thomas J said:

I have a neighbor from Belgium who tends to get things mixed up and is a bit paranoid about everything dealing with immigration.  He just returned from Belgium and while there got a new passport.  He has an O=A Visa from Belgium.  He was under the impression he needed to get the O-A Visa transferred to his new passport.  

He went to Jomtien immigration and they told him he needed to go to the Belgium Embassy in Bangkok to transfer.  They of course are closed due to Covid.  He mailed his new passport to them and supposedly they transferred it to the new passport.  I found this strange since I would think it would be the Thai government that would be issuing the visa.  Anyway they sent him some official paper regarding the transfer via email  He went to Jomtien immigration to "register" his new passport number.  At first they were reluctant to accept it due to the paper being a copy. 

Maybe just me, but I think he went through a lot of effort with no real purpose.  I would think that the visa in his old passport still would apply and he would just apply for another extension in November when his current one expires showing both his old passport with the visa and his new one.  Am I correct? 

I guess your friend is mixing up things who are  getting lost in translation , as he made the NEW passport while in Belgium , he did not received in Belgium the letter confirming (no need for that , and he might not asked even for such ..) he obtained a new passport .....as the Embassy's in Thailand always deliver such a confirmation letter ,and Thai Immigration request such  in case a new passport is delivered and need stamp transfers to be done  (i received such letter and delivered to Immigration at the time i got new passport while in Thailand )


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