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For those working here & making 80k+ baht per month

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I'm a teacher. I first came here with an MA in Education and a few years' experience in America. I thought this might get me into the intl schools. It didn't. They're quite picky, and particularly go for UK certs, like PGCE, QTS, IB, Cambridge, etc. But I have something comparable? No bueno señor. There's a few American style intl schools, but they too want particular American things, like Common Core.


Thus, I wound up with 65k teaching at a BKK private school. Totally not worth the hassle. Mountains of meaningless paperwork. Spolied rich kids to be given high scores for playing games all day. Excruciating hi-so attitudes. All a complete farce. Then there's the BKK cost of living eating your salary, and the horrible daily commute.


So now I'm back out in Issan, making 45k at a govt school, about the highest you can get for such a place. I supplement this by teaching online after school, and now make my previous BKK salary, but without all that hassle and BS. It's a great deal.


Back to the topic, the online teaching I do is mostly just conversational practice, for about $10 USD an hour. You could get around $30 by teaching more specialized areas like test prep and STEM, and get well over your 80k target, like that guy in Laos who frequents here. I'd do that, but what I do now is sabai sabai laew.


So people in the thread have been saying, how can you stay here doing your online work, without a proper visa? Well that's why we've got our regular teaching jobs, me and many others out here. Heh. Cheers.

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