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Myanmar cardinal: Those in positions of authority gain legitimacy by helping the public

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Card. Charles Bo of Yangon analyses the nation's current circumstances and the legitimacy of people in authority against the Gospel's teachings in his Sunday homily.


According to Myanmar Cardinal Charles Bo of Yangon, those in positions of leadership cannot achieve legitimacy unless they serve the people, failing which power becomes idolatry, which the Bible condemns.
The president of Myanmar's Catholic Bishops Conference, giving a homily in his cathedral, reflected on the dire predicament that the military junta has thrown Myanmar into since ousting the country's lawfully elected government of Aung San Suu Kyi in a coup on February.


The calvary of Myanmar

The anti-junta protests and civil disobedience movement that followed have brought the country to its knees, causing extreme economic hardship, a loss of livelihood, and enormous disruptions in the supply of basic commodities and services.
Protesters and dissidents have been targeted by the security forces.
Thousands have been uprooted as a result of the military's re-ignition of past disputes with armed ethnic groups and battles with local defence forces.

A terrible spike in Covid-19 infections and deaths has exacerbated the situation, while the Military-controlled Health Ministry's services are essentially non-existent.


Cardinal Bo observed a decrease in the severity of Covid-19, but warned them not to relax their guard.
“We must unite because we are up against so many wicked forces at the same time.”
He reflected on the roughly 13,000 people who died as a result of the pandemic, including more than 100 writers, painters, and other creative people.
Infected persons number 360000 and are fighting for their lives.
He hoped that the pandemic would end and that individuals would be able to overcome their difficulties and be healed.



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