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Jakarta has been designated as a COVID-19 green zone: Governor's Deputy

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Following a decrease in COVID-19 instances and an increase in immunisation efforts, Jakarta's Deputy Governor, Ahmad Riza Patria, announced that the capital city has been designated as a COVID-19 green zone.

"Jakarta has entered the green zone and obtained herd immunity, alhamdulillah (thank God).
We do, however, ask that all inhabitants stay disciplined in following health regulations "On Sunday, he remarked this while watching a vaccination push at the Al-Azhar Grand Mosque in South Jakarta.

Despite the fact that Jakarta has been designated as a green zone, he believes that the public must be constant in following stringent health regulations in order to avoid an increase in COVID-19 cases.


Residents who have not yet been vaccinated are also encouraged to seek vaccination at the local vaccination clinic as soon as possible so that the aim can be met.

He also stated that the provincial government is attempting to increase the vaccination objective from 8.8 million to 11 million individuals, citing the fact that 40 percent of non-Jakarta inhabitants had their vaccine shots in the capital city.


He stated that the goal should be met within the next several weeks.


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