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Indonesia has the lowest rate of positive coronavirus testing in the world

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For the first time this week, Indonesia's daily coronavirus positivity rate fell below the World Health Organization's (WHO) criterion of 5%, indicating that the country's deadly second wave may be lessening.

In July, when Indonesia became Asia's coronavirus epicentre, driven by the extremely contagious Delta variety, the positivity rate, or the proportion of those tested who are positive, peaked at 33.4 percent.


According to Kawal COVID-19, an independent data project, the percentage fell to 4.57 percent on Monday, the lowest since March 2020, when Indonesia's first instances were reported.

According to the WHO, a rate of more than 5% shows that coronvirus is out of control.


Elina Ciptadi, a co-founder of Kawal, said the trend was encouraging, though she cautioned that official data did not account for a large number of unreported illnesses and deaths.

"Overall, what we've seen so far is good," she said.


The average positivity rate has slowly declined from its July peak, falling from 23.8 percent in the first week of August to 11.3 percent in the final week of that month, and to 6.2 percent on average thus far in September.

On Monday, the limitations on Coronavirus were loosened even more, with most districts on Java Island being lowered, enabling malls, factories, and restaurants to operate on a conditional basis.


President Joko Widodo, on the other hand, warned Indonesians against complacency.

"People must understand that COVID is constantly present," he stated.
"When our defences are down, (cases) can spike again."

Testing and tracing efforts, according to epidemiologist Dicky Budiman of Griffith University in Australia, are still lacking.

"I'm both pleased and concerned about the downward trend," he remarked.
"The administration made attempts, but they weren't powerful enough to bring us out of the crisis," he added, adding that improvements were concentrated in major cities.


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Yes which brings me ti another news:


Foreigners or returning Indonesian are only allowed to enter from either Jakarta or Manado (Bali is being considered atm). Previously Surabaya & Medan were also allowed for International arrivals.



And, as of Sept 14, Foreigners and returnees to Indonesia MUST submit 3x PCR Test result taken in the past 2 weeks before departure. 2 Test PCRs plus 1 final test PCR 48 hours prior to departure. Failure to provide 3 test results (must all be negatives) will result entry being denied.


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