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Indonesia is preparing for a third tidal wave

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The government should not relax its vigilance, according to the article, because new virus strains are still hiding, waiting to strike when Indonesia is most vulnerable.


With daily new cases now in the single digits, the national bed occupancy rate below 30%, and the national positivity rate below 5% for the first time in months on Tuesday (Sept 7), we can confidently declare that the Delta-caused second wave that ravaged the nation in July is receding.


The government may have made a few serious errors prior to Delta, but the strict emergency public activities restriction (PPKM Darurat) implemented during the peak of the second wave, as well as the subsequent multitiered PPKM measures, have undoubtedly assisted the country in surviving the onslaught of the ruthless Covid-19 variant.

We thank the administration for taking the necessary efforts to contain the storm unleashed by Delta, which is still the most frightening variety.


We believe that critics made their arguments before and throughout the crisis, and we hope that the government is willing to make reparations for its handling of the pandemic.

Now that the pandemic is mostly under control, providing the country more breathing room and an opportunity to reopen the economy, we must urge the administration to avoid making the same mistakes it has made in the past.


A third wave of infection is a real danger that must be addressed.
In addition to the current VOIs such as Eta, Iota, Kappa, and Lambda, the World Health Organization has designated the B1621 form of the coronavirus, commonly known as variant Mu, as a variant of interest (VOI).


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