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Malaysia's ICU utilisation has grown to 84 percent while Covid-19 cases remain high

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The use of intensive care units in Malaysian hospitals for Covid-19 cases increased to 84 percent on Tuesday (Sept 7), according to health director-general Noor Hisham Abdullah.

The prior day's nationwide utilisation rate was 68 percent.

Hospitals in seven of Malaysia's 13 states reported using more than 90% of their ICU beds for Covid-19 patients, according to data tweeted by the health minister on Wednesday.


The northern state of Kedah was experiencing overcrowding, with 122 percent of its 104 ICU beds in use.

Other states recorded utilisation rates of 91 to 96 percent, including Selangor, Perak, Kelantan, Penang, Johor, and Perlis.

Meanwhile, as of Tuesday, occupancy rates for non-ICU beds allotted for the coronavirus were at 77 percent nationwide, up slightly from 72 percent the day before.


Even while daily Covid-19 instances remain stubbornly high, the health authorities are focusing on hospital capacity as a sign of their effectiveness in managing the pandemic, with about 70% of Malaysia's adult population having gotten two shots of a Covid-19 vaccine.

On Wednesday, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham reported 19,733 new cases, bringing the total number of illnesses since the pandemic began to 1.9 million.


Sarawak had the most cases, with 3,100, followed by Selangor, Penang, and Sabah, each with over 2,000.

Nearly 98 percent of the new patients had mild or asymptomatic illnesses, according to the health ministry.

On Wednesday, another 361 Covid-19 fatalities were announced, bringing the total death toll to 19,163.


Meanwhile, the pandemic's special committee stated on Wednesday that movement restrictions in the Klang Valley, which includes the capital Kuala Lumpur and the state of Selangor, will be removed as the country moves into phase 2 of the national recovery plan on Friday.


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