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Here's why the Philippines celebrates the world's longest Christmas season

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“Merry Christmas!”


This is how Filipinos greet each other on September 1st even if it’s still over three and a half months before December 25. 


The Philippines, one of six predominantly Christian countries in Asia, boasts the earliest and longest Christmas season in the world.


Every year, Filipinos all around the world mark September 1, as the start of the Christmas countdown. The "Ber months" countdown, which runs from September to December, is one of the most important traditions that sets apart Christmas in the Philippines from celebrations in the rest of the world.


Asked how the phenomenon of the “Ber months” first began, Clifford Sorita, a sociologist and former seminarian with the order of the Society of the Divine Word told NPR that it grew organically, without any precise timeline. Sorita, however, said that the frenzy surrounding the "Ber months" represents "a psychological time clock for most Filipinos to prepare" a jammed Christmas calendar with family and friends, especially returning OFWs.


September 1 usually starts with radio and TV stations playing Christmas music. (Cue Jose Mari Chan and the endless memes.)


Full story: https://ph.news.yahoo.com/here-is-why-the-philippines-celebrate-the-worlds-longest-christmas-season-062426338.html

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