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As COVID levels rise, the number of active cases in Cambodia grows.

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Today, Cambodia's daily case numbers remained at a new "high" level, with the number of active cases also increasing.

The official daily new COVID case count for today was 657, increasing the overall number of COVID cases to 100,790.


There are presently 83,604 Community Instances, with 17,186 cases being imported.


Unfortunately, a new regulation prohibiting the release of any provincial information, which appears to have taken effect late last week, has made determining the exact scope of COVID in Cambodia extremely difficult.


Certainly, there appears to be an upward tendency in The Kingdom, as shown in the graph below (please note that the data is two days behind):

In other news, Phnom Penh's schools have been cleansed in preparation for their reopening tomorrow. It is hoped that this will mark the beginning of the capital's and Cambodia's return to "normalcy."


However, the Ministry of Health has warned that if health precautions are not followed, a new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus could spread.


Today, 153 imported cases were declared, as the number of imported cases continues to rise as a result of the Thai border reopening on August 13th.


Cambodia also revealed 9 more deaths, bringing the total number of COVID-19-related deaths in Cambodia to 2058.


New cases exceeded recoveries today, with 578 new recoveries announced, bringing the overall number of active cases to 3821.


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