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The capital of Vientiane has recorded 24 cases of Covid-19 spreading throughout the community.

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In Laos, 127 new cases of Covid-19 have been verified, bringing the total number of cases to 17,682.


According to a report by the National Taskforce, the government completed 3,985 tests in the last 24 hours, confirming 127 new cases of Covid-19.


Covid-19 was confirmed in 54 communities, with 24 in Vientiane Capital, four in Savannakhet Province, thirteen in Champasack, four in Salavanh, and nine in Khammouane.


A father and kid in Amone Village, Saysettha District, two instances in Donnokhoum Village, Sisattanak District, one case in Dongnasok Tai, Sikottabong District, and an employee at Mini Big C near Lao Plaza Hotel were among the 24 cases in Vientiane Capital.


Two incidences involving two Thai nationals working as machine repairmen at a textile industry were recorded in Saysavang Village, Xaythany District.


Three cases were reported in Hongkaykeo Village, Chanthabouly District, among family members who had attended a funeral in Pakse but were asymptomatic.


After attending a funeral in Pakse, a family of four was confirmed positive in Donsasai Village, Hatsongfong District.


Another case was detected in Houayhong Village, Chantabouly District, and was linked to a van driver who transported passengers to Pakse for the burial, as well as a woman in Dongmakkai who tested positive.


Six further instances were reported in the Xaythany District, all involving a vegetable vendor at the Donnoun market.


The following areas of risk have been recognized in Vientiane Capital:


  • The Department of Natural Resources and Environment in Dongmakkai
  • Amazon Cafe in That Luang
  • Pocky Korean Restaurant in Dongdok
  • Houngaloun Thadindeng Branch
  • Mini Big C near Lao Plaza Hotel
  • Intermex Fashion Garment Factory


Meanwhile, 73 cases of Covid-19 were brought into the country, with 11 cases in Vientiane Capital, 24 in Savannakhet, six in Salavanh, 30 in Khammouane, and two in Luang Prabang.


There are now 4,444 active Covid-19 cases in the country, with 16 deaths.


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