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Several incentives approved to attract long-staying foreign investors, wealthy foreigners

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give us your money...oh please we want your money...we dont crae about anything else..just give us your money so we can scam you in the end

Im lacking in all there requirements, but i spend my pension here and keep out of trouble, and help the needy in the village if that counts for anything.

Today (Tuesday) Thailand’s cabinet approved, in principle, a measure to attract “high potential” foreigners, including wealthy retirees and specialists, to stay long term in the country in a bid to pr

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If you go back thru all those 'How much do I need to live in Thailand ?" threads....many members here claim to freely spend several hundred thousand baht per month...that must be the ones they are after. (😏😏😏😏)

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21 minutes ago, humbug said:

it's the chinese/thai who have closed the shop door on all other foreigners or mix to own land or have any rights similar to the chinese thais, they are worse than the islamic communities, notice how any land which is privately available in Bangkok is owned by chinese/thais but not malay/thais, not mynamar/thai, and a few indian/thai


it's what the chinese do, any competitor races or mix race cultures, they work in the background through their 'influence' which are multitude for this reason, in the halls of power, and make it impossible for other cultures to get their foot in the door

Worse than islamic countries like Malaysia, the only one in SE Asia that allows foreigners to own land? Okay.


Given that 40% of Thais have some Chinese ancestry it's hardly surprising that Chinese are as a big a number in real estate as they are in other business or politics.


You probably have a point about Chinese practices, but it doesn't look like the Thais are closing the shop door on foreigners. Okay, no land ownership officially, but we all know how rigorously that's enforced, ie not at all.

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Investor visa and similar regulations are no new idea. Canada, Australia, NZ has them and afaik US too. Malta and Cyprus attracted many rich Russians the same way.

For us westerners it's not of much interest but I think we are not the target group. They want Chinese and Indians and for them it could work, depending to the conditions.

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