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Hobie Cat Rental in Phuket ?

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1.  You need to find out what's open.

2.  Where in Phuket are you looking?

3.  In Kamala one of the beach bars just south of the Novotel had one for rent.

     3a.  Their hourly rate was about the same as I pay for a weekend.

     3b.  The forestays and bridles had all been left under tension for years and turned it into a decorative banana.

     3c.   Bar long closed.  See item 1.


Good luck.  Check with a marina or two.  They may be able to assist you.


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There were always a couple on Patong beach, but not sure if there are still renting those..., normal price was 1500b per hour,  5 or 6 months ago they gave me Covid price of 1000b...!


The others I know of are big resorts after the airport up north of airport (Marriot for example), I asked last year before Covid and it was same as normal price in Patong ...


I'm guessing most resorts that have one for guests and you can see it on the beach would rent it to you at a price, just walk and find the guy in charge and ask, but will not be cheap....


I very much like taking one out for fun but I always do it when I go on a trip to Ao Nang / Krabi. Most resorts there rent for 600/700b and let you go (alone) for 2 or 3 hours, no problem, I have done it many times....(never in Phuket though... ! not sure if they let you go alone either...!)


I just remembered there was a lady on Facebook had them for rent around Chalong pier, but only pricy daily rates, I guess it's worth it for 2 or 3 people day out...


Of course there are courses and lessons on sailing etc, at Ao Yon beach near Aquarium, they have their own dingies and qualified instructors, give you recognised certificates at the end of the course, a few years ago quoted me 60k baht for a two/three weeks course if I remember right..., something I liked to do but never got around..., I  am no expert sailor, more of an enthusiast, if that...! lol . I capsized one a few years ago in the wind, and it wasn't fun getting it back up, needed a lot of help....


My best sailing days were renting hobie cats for half a day for $20 in Sihanoukville,  Cambodia, and go to nearby islands, fishing and having lunch with a cold beer, not many tourists around those days, a bit like Covid Phuket....! 🤗


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