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Illegal police booze smuggling flights: "No comment' says deputy inspector as he passes the buck

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52 minutes ago, ikke1959 said:

Royal Thai Police.... we have to respect them but are the worth to be respected???? Respect is something you have to deserve and I don't see in their actions always that they are just acting like legalized criminals

I can respect the uniform, just not the wearers.

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1 hour ago, Will B Good said:

Funnily enough, about ten planes landed in quick succession at U-Tapao airport yesterday lunchtime, which was very unusual..


Maybe getting the booze in for Joe Ferrari's release?

Joe Ferrari ?

I would guess that there is a " Jimmy Cesna " also.

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8 hours ago, webfact said:

Passing the buck completely he said the press should ask inspector  Lt-Col Visanu Prasatthongosot as he would be able to provide more clarity.

Today they have much typos in the news!

This clearly should have been, "passing the bottle" and "provide more detailed information about the nest delivery"

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