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Man in Samut Prakan denies charging people for returned license plates lost in recent floods

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Daily News reporters went to investigate after a young woman went on Facebook to complain that her boyfriend had to pay 100 baht to a man who found his car registration plate that came off in floodwaters in Bang Plee, Samut Prakan.


The woman, Montharat, 21, said when her boyfriend got to work he realised the plate had come off and reckoned it must have been when he went through deep flooding. 


Later he went back and couldn't find it but did find a man - called Lung or Uncle Chartree - who had found it. 


And charged him 100 baht for the service. 


Reporters went to find Chartree at his flooded house nearby and found a veritable treasure trove of hundreds of car plates that the 56 year old man had retrieved. 


He claimed that he never charged anyone for the return of their plate it was "laew tae khao ja hay" - up to them to pay if they wanted.


The press met other people getting their plates back and one said it was a fair service and paying 100 baht was no problem.


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8 hours ago, JoePai said:

Good for him, next time charge 500 Baht - might make the idiots check their plates are on securely

Serves them right for actually having legal plates?



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