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Thai “Lalisa” style headdresses sell like hot cakes, as Buri Ram’s meatballs come under spotlight

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Following the highly successful solo debut of K-pop sensation Lalisa Manoban, better known as Lisa, the headdress she wore in the LALISA video, viewed 143 million times in just the first five days after its release, has been selling like hot cakes, while her interview with Thai talk show host “Woody” on Saturday has shone a spotlight on the meatballs in her hometown of Buri Ram, in north-eastern Thailand.


One of the shops in the Sampeng area revealed that, since the release of Lisa’s video, they have seen a 10-15% increase in income, after their sales had dropped during the pandemic, adding that they managed to sell 40-50 pieces, both in-store and online. Also, many customers from China, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos have also ordered these headdresses online, including new customers from Russia and Tibet, which saw a 15-20% increase in online sales.


Lisa also revealed, in an interview with Woody Milintachinda, that the first thing she would do if she returned to her hometown of Buriram is to eat meatballs at Buri Ram train station. This led to the meatball stall attracting considerable interest.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/thai-lalisa-style-headdresses-sell-like-hot-cakes-as-buri-rams-meatballs-come-under-spotlight/


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Boring Sunday morning, so I went to the trouble of looking at the LALISA video to see what kids are obsessing about nowadays. Manic mix of rap and Arabic-sounding drone. Disappointing.


She wears several headdresses, most prominently one of those Thai Ram traditional things. I can't imagine any of them 'selling like hot cakes'.

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On 9/15/2021 at 7:53 AM, Gold Star said:

Probably nothing better to boost tourism than watching a beautiful Issan girl with some meatballs in her mouth.

Plus, that way, I can watch her without having to hit the "mute" button.

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