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Is there a Child Protective Services in Chiang Mai?

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The next door neighbor is a Chinese woman living alone with her six-year-old daughter. 


For reasons unknown, the woman terrorizes the child about once or twice a week, with intense yelling, usually followed by slapping. Once while taking the dog out at night I saw as I walked past the woman hit the child in the face with a book. This is not normal discipline -- they are more like old fashioned Communist struggle sessions and can go on for over an hour. One session was well over three hours long of shouting, screaming and slapping. 

I started audio recording a few of the more dramatic ones in case I needed proof that I was not exaggerating this, should I need to do something. My Chinese language is not super, but the second-to-most recent time (as I type this, in fact) she was railing at the child about "not appreciating her mother enough." 


I've really had enough of listening to this. The child is very tiny for a six-year-old and I can't for the life of me understand what such a young and carefree girl could do to deserve hours of beratement. Yesterday the mother had her run up and down the soi as some from of punishment. Afterword, she was made to sit and practice the piano, which consists of playing the exact same song, over and over (every day), no other song, just this one. 


Is there a website or phone number that I can call to send someone out here to at the very least educate the mother and hopefully scare her enough ("Do you want us to take away your child and put her in a home without a child-beater?") to stop with the senseless torture? She doesn't speak a word of Thai -- only English and Mandarin. 


Any valid suggestions are welcome. 



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Child abuse, almost a police matter. Do you or anyone you know know a friendly police captain or similar who can scare the knickers off the mother?

just a thought.

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