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Travel to provinces with severe Covid-19 outbreaks is prohibited in Vientiane

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The capital of Vientiane has issued a notice prohibiting interprovincial travel, requiring visitors from specific regions to undergo a 14-day quarantine.

Travel to Vientiane Capital from provinces with severe outbreaks, such as Champasack, Savannakhet, Khammouane, and Bokeo, is prohibited without prior authorization, according to a notice issued by the Vientiane Capital Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control. Those who are permitted to travel will be required to quarantine for two weeks.


Residents of Vientiane Capital are also prohibited from visiting provinces that have achieved Level 2 or 3 outbreak status unless the task force has given them permission, in which case they must undertake a 14-day quarantine upon their return to a site designated by the Taskforce.

Individuals infected with Covid-19 who are discovered to be omitting or misrepresenting information regarding their whereabouts or recent travel will be penalized under the new regulations.


Those who have had close contact with an infected person or group are also expected to come forward, and those who hide information will face legal consequences.


Anyone who leaves a quarantine center or hospital without permission will be penalized and held liable for any damage caused by their conduct.


Checkpoints have been set up at the entrances and boundaries of Vientiane Capital by police and military troops to monitor province borders.

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