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Terminating non-B teaching to Covid or Retirement

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I was informed from an earlier post (Thanks Ubon Joe) about the possibility of getting an extension due to Covid (not wanting to return to my own country). 

I now understand that I can do it, and the paper work needed - but concerned about the process)


When my employment very likely ends next week, and the school takes me to immigration - what happens?


I am assuming they will cancel my extension of stay.  Is the cancellation usually effective that same day (I expect the school to do the cruelest possible action)?

I am not sure what my status is after they cancel my extension.

To apply for retirement visa, I have seen mention of a non-o visa.  I do not currently have 800,000 in Thai banks - but can use TranserWise to get it soon.

Does the 1st application for a retirement visa need to 2 month seasoning?  


I prefer to not go the retirement route because I hope to get another job.  I can use the person that was Head of Secondary  during the last 2 years at the school as my reference (he moved to a new school this year)


If I take the Extension of stay by reason of Pandemic form, and the Tm7, and all photo copies , can I get back in the queue and do this immediately?  


Just a little confused what will be my status after the school cancels my visa.  I think I will get a stamp to exit immediately-same day??  I have heard about paying 1,900 Baht and given 7 days to exit the country (or something like that).  But if I can get extension for Covid Pandemic immediately - that is my best option


Hopefully, the extension for Pandemic can be converted back to a Non-B if the opportunity presents itself.  


Before taking this road was only a possibility - not it looks extremely likely (4 weeks of effort failed to get any compromise from them - I can not continue like this)

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44 minutes ago, brianp0803 said:

If I take the Extension of stay by reason of Pandemic form, and the Tm7, and all photo copies , can I get back in the queue and do this immediately?  

All you need from the school is a termination letter effective on or after the day you go to immigration to cancel your extension. The school does no have to evolved when you do it.

You would show immigration the paperwork for the 60 day covid extension and they would cancel your extension and issue the 60 day extension.


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I entered Thailand with proof of insurance from the school.  I am not sure if I can pay the school keep the insurance - but I think not possible (Cigna)

Otherwise, will I need to show proof of medical insurance?


If I late decide to get a retirement visa - will I need to get a certain level medical insurance?

I do want to have insurance - I believe it is important - but what does immigration require for this extension?

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Correct health insurance company
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