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I was wondering if the requirements had changed for a nono dependant multiple entry based on having custody of my children ,400,000 in bank 2 months before or 40 a month for 2 months before ?does this have to remain in the bank for 2 months afterwards?Thankyou in advance

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What you are apparently asking about is not a non-o multiple entry visa that is issued by a embassy or consulate.

Apparently you asking about applying for a extension of stay based upon being the parent of a Thai.

The 400k baht only has to be in the bank on the day you apply. You should then keep the 400k baht in the bank during the 30 day under consideration period. After that you can do what you want to with 400k baht until you apply for the next extension.

The 40k baht income must be proven by a document from your embassy or if not available from your embassy you need proof of 40k baht of income transferred from abroad. There is rule that it can be proof of 2 or the 3 months for the first extension but if you have been in the country for some time already you will need 12 months of transfers from abroad at most immigration offices.

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