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Installing ground rod

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So roof is finished and i pointed out to my wife that i want the electricity to be conected to ground. How do i write it in Thai so she understands what i want. Is there any videos etc so i can show her. does anyone know some guy or company that is a professional around Pak Chong area

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Don't obstruct the top of the earth rod by covering it in concrete or such. If the ground dries out apparently the earth may not work very well.

I had a short length of plastic pipe around the top of mine and I poured in some water when the ground got dry.


Also make sure they use the proper length rod. The clown I employed to install my electric water heater used a 1 foot rod.

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27 minutes ago, captainjackS said:

If your roof has a steel frame, you might consider connecting it to the Earth ground as well while things are accessble if you have any wiring near the steel structure.


Yeah, our roof steel actually tests better than the 2.4m rod (we have 16m piles).

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