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20 day Quarantine?

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Finished 14 day Q a few days ago and wifey got all the formally stamped papers attesting to.

Off to Buriram Hosp. for a PSA blood test and obtain some medicine.

When we got to check-in there was a heated argument between wife and admitting lady. Something about there was a 20 day Q required? Lady kept poking at our stamped papers and exclaiming not 20 days??

Never heard of it? anybody?

Now looking for a referral for a competent local doctor  help!

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My friends wife was working in the South of Thailand and when she came back to Buriram she was in Q for 14 days at a local facility, After the 14 days she was allowed to go home but had to stay in her house for another 7 days.


Maybe that is the 20 days they are talking about (just guessing though)


Ps: The Q in my post means Quarantine :wink:

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