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Ministry Of The Royal Palace says ‘ No Crown Prince In Cambodia’ to clarify French football club purchase story

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The Ministry of the Royal Palace has issued a statement clarifying that Cambodia has no crown prince and therefore it is impossible for ‘Cambodia’s Crown Prince’ to be considering the purchase of a French football club.


The statement reads:

“Referring to the National Constitution of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the Law on the Organisation and Functioning of the Crown Council of the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Ministry of the Royal Palace reaffirms that there is no Article stated on the appointment of the Crown Prince and there is neither national institution nor anyone who has the priority right to designate the Crown Prince,”


read more https://www.khmertimeskh.com/50938492/ministry-of-the-royal-palace-says-no-crown-prince-in-cambodia-to-clarify-french-football-club-purchase-story/

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