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No decision on State of Emergency yet, CCSA may remain – Deputy Government Spokesperson

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There has yet to be a decision on whether to extend Thailand’s nationwide State of Emergency, set to expire on September 30th, or whether the Centre for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) will remain, Deputy Government Spokesperson Rachada Dhnadirek told Thai PBS World on Tuesday.


Dr. Rachada’s confirmation followed a Government House press conference earlier today (Tuesday) about amendments approved by the cabinet to the Communicable Diseases Act, which have led some local media to report that the frequently extended State of Emergency, in place since March 2020 to curb the spread of COVID-19, will end on September 30th.


There are also the addition of measures for public health emergencies, which will be separate from communicable diseases in normal situations, and new dangerous diseases. This means there will be no need to use a state of emergency if the changes are made, Dr. Rachada said.


Full story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/no-decision-on-state-of-emergency-yet-ccsa-may-remain-deputy-government-spokesperson/


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39 minutes ago, smedly said:


would be helpful if the public was informed of what these changes and new laws are - why isn't the media reporting or at least asking questions

Why you ask? 

As most of the mainstream media is owned or controlled by the same establishment that supposedly cover. No real journalism or questioning or criticism or follow ups or blah, blah.


This side of the media just goes through the motion for the sake of it - repeating the govt/ruling class narrative.

Fortunately, there are numerous Thai alternative sources to be found. 

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23 minutes ago, Gandtee said:

They wont stop the emergency measures. Its a useful tool and excuse in trying to curb demonstrations.

...or anything else that comes to mind. 

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

There has yet to be a decision on whether to extend Thailand’s nationwide State of Emergency,

Farcical for it to continue now... considering 95% of the country is operating as normal domestically.

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Sometimes living in Thailand with the current regime makes me think of the old Lily Tomlin/Ernestine the Operator routine:


So we just lost Peoria. We don't care. We don't HAVE to care. We're the Phone Company!

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