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Cambodia’s active case rise shows no sign of slowing down

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The number of active COVID cases in Cambodia has surpassed 5,000.

The official daily new COVID case total for today was 637, increasing the overall number of COVID cases to 105,981.

With 18,214 instances being imported, the total number of Community Cases is now 87,767.


Unfortunately, the government's refusal to release any provincial data has made it difficult to determine the exact extent of COVID in Cambodia.


Certainly, there appears to be an upward tendency in The Kingdom, as shown in the graph below (please notice that results are two days behind):

Members of the Royal Government made a number of crucial pronouncements about the pandemic yesterday.

The Prime Minister outlined the Royal Government of Cambodia's efforts to improve and increase the country's pandemic resilience and preparedness.


In response to the Prime Minister's words, the Tourism Minister stated that the Prime Minister will officially declare the launch of international "safe tourism" in the near future.


As shown in the figure below, these moves are in part owing to the Royal Government's immunization program's effectiveness, dubbed the "Cambodian vaccine miracle."


Cambodia is not only significantly more vaccinated than its neighbors, Thailand and Vietnam, but it has also surpassed Germany, Japan, and the United States in terms of immunization rates, and is now on level with the United Kingdom.

On October 11, the fifth phase of Cambodia's COVID-19 immunization program, which includes public booster doses, will begin.


In Cambodia, vaccination of children aged six to twelve has achieved ‘warp speed,' with 900,000 children immunized in just five days.


With more than 78 percent of the population vaccinated against COVID-19, Cambodia is on the verge of achieving ‘herd immunity.'


Today, 98 imported cases were declared, as the number of imported cases continues to rise as a result of the Thai border reopening on August 13th.


Cambodia also revealed 14 further deaths, bringing the total number of COVID-19-related deaths in Cambodia to 2154.


New cases surpassed recoveries today, with 469 new recoveries announced, bringing the total number of active cases to 5,165.


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