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“E-sports” officially added as a professional sport in Thailand

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The Royal Gazette today, September 21st, published the announcement of the Thai professional sports committee to include “e-sports” as one of the professional sports in Thailand.


E-sports, which stands for electronic sports, is a form of competition using video games that are often organized individually or as teams among multiplayer video game competitions, particularly professional players. Some of the most popular esports games nowadays include League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Call of Duty.


As one of the Thai professional sports, E-Sports will now have rights and opportunities to seek assistance and support in various fields from the professional sports committee as well as the “Professional Sports Promotion Fund” of the Sports Authority of Thailand (SAT).


Full Story: https://thepattayanews.com/2021/09/21/e-sports-officially-added-as-a-professional-sport-in-thailand/



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36 minutes ago, LawrenceN said:

When will my sport, channel-surfing, be recognized?

as soon as there are billions backing up the industry because millions of people are interested in it

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