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Thai FDA rejects Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine injections in children over 3 years old

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4 minutes ago, Orac said:

If there is insufficient data regarding safety of sinopharm for 3 to 17 year olds then why are they injecting it already into school kids in Bangkok or are they the guinea pigs for this.

Yes basically, according to this group of doctors "lab rats"


Stop giving Sinopharm to under-18s, doctors’ group says

A doctors’ group urged agencies to hold off from giving the Sinopharm vaccine against Covid-19 to children, as it has not yet gained emergency approval for people under 18 from the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Opposition MPs also voiced concern.

“Children are not lab rats,” the Health Personnel Association (ภาคีบุคลากรสาธารณสุข) wrote on its Facebook page Monday, saying it “objects to the research that looks to provide Sinopharm to children.” The statement recommended Pfizer instead for children.

The Chulabhorn Royal Academy (CRA) this week started to give Sinopharm shots to 2,000 students age 10-17 as part of their latest trial with a target of 108,000 students. The trial was approved by its research ethics committee.

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