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Investigation launched into rifle toting cop in Phitsanulok

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Picture: Sanook


A senior policeman of the rank of  lieutenant colonel has been transferred to Phitsanulok HQ and a committee of inquiry has been set up after trouble at a Som Tam shop in Kamphaengphet.


The news comes just a day after RTP chief General Suwat Chaengyodsuk launched a fancy "smart" campaign to keep Thailand safe. 


If this case is anything to go by, Thailand is not safe from its own constabulary.


Sanook said that an apparently drunk officer claiming to be a Phitsanuloke policeman had caused trouble and retrieved an "aka gun" (an AK-47 assault rifle) from his vehicle in a brazen incident that went viral on Thai social media. 


The incident happened at a Som Tam (papaya salad) shop at 6pm in Sai Ngam sub-district of Kamphaengphet in the north of Thailand on Tuesday.


Suttha Noeikham told Sai Ngam police that the man who appeared drunk first went for a knife then after a man on a motorcycle got involved in the fracas and people tried to stop it he went to retrieve a rifle of some description from his Isuzu.


Various threats followed and customers scattered before the policeman left. No one was hurt.


Phitsanuloke police spokesman Pol Col Songphon Sangkasem said that the provincial police chief was aware of the incident and had ordered the immediate transfer of Pol Lt-Col Yossaphon Phuangthong, 48, to clerical duties and the setting up of an investigative committee.


In addition a summons is out from the police in Kamphaengphet.


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2 hours ago, worgeordie said:

Another Cop behaving badly .....they are supposed to be the law,

not above it.

regards worgeordie

A law unto themselves.

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A   cop lives not far from our house,  mans a bloody idiot, I wouldnt employ him to clean   my toilet,   even when hes sober. which isnt often.  The sad part is, he actually believes hes superior to everyone around here.

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Business as usual, people, nothing to see here, just move along. It’s all just a big misunderstanding, the chief will explain everything once he has come up with a plausible explanation. May be a few days, though, because this is a toughie to explain away.

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Pol Lt-Col Yossaphon seems to be a bit of a Tossaphon, who thought he could bossaphon everyone he came aphon, but now disarmed, he can reflectaphon how his AK antics have been frownedaphon, or likely not.


My prediction is; he'll be recycled back into the compost bin of the RTP and the next time you hear his name, he'll have blown some poor Somchai away. There's precedent for that in this organisation.

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7 hours ago, timendres said:

Won't be long before food vendors here start coming to work in bullet-proof vests.

And that's for protection from the sh#t that they cook. 

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