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Pantip Plaza mac repair shop

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Does anyone know if this shop still exists?  The owner is an excellent English speaker and was quite competent in Mac repairs.  Location and phone number would be helpful.  TIA.

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10 hours ago, Mac Mickmanus said:

Errrrm, you want to know where a shop in Panthip Plaza is located ?

   Is this a trick question ?

Panthip plaza is the location of the shop 

It's not a trick Q.  Your reply is garbage.  You are nothing but a troll.

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Well I don't know the answer I'm afraid but the last time I went to Panthip Plaza a few months ago it had greatly changed into a more generic family oriented shopping centre complex with a trendy three letter and had been renamed to a trendy three-letter acronym. There was virtually nobody there and the computing stuff had all been moved to a single floor. I didn't notice an Apple shop, because I wasn't looking for one.


Not really a very helpful post, sorry!

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I found Dr. Macbook in Soi 33 Sukhumvit.  Excellent prompt service.  They changed my battery within one hour and the cost was 3990 baht.  Just search for drmackbook on google maps.


They have a pickup and delivery service.

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