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Can ‘Madame Football’ revive sinking fortunes of Thailand’s national team?

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After the Thai men’s team capped years of poor form by again failing to qualify for the FIFA World Cup, the Football Association of Thailand (FAT) has decided to bring in someone who can turn things around.


In this time of crisis, who better to take charge than Nualphan Lamsan – the woman who led the female national team to two women’s World Cup Finals?


Unprecedented move


The CEO of Muang Thai Insurance, who is better known as “Madame Paeng”, was appointed last month as manager of both the senior national team and the under-23 squad. In an unprecedented scenario for Thailand, she is the first woman to take charge of the men’s national team setup.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/can-madame-football-revive-sinking-fortunes-of-thailands-national-team/


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Well, I wish her good luck, and it is a bold move for a country like Thailand to put a woman at the helm, so congratulations to the Thai football association for their courage.


However... with no or only few capable players, how can anybody expect her to be more successful than her predecessors?

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She is the manager, not the coach who is yet to be appointed. Problem with Thailand is that they keep changing coach and each coach bring their own playing philosophy and style. They also tend to select players that suit his philosophy creating dis-continuity. Football in Thailand is a popular sport and high profile attracting politicians and corporate executives and their politics. 

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The problem has not been the past 2 managers, it's been the players, and not because they weren't up to standard. There has been a consistent refusal by players under the last 2 managers to change the style of football they play, and that goes back to the traditional Thai style which can be seen in all the leagues. They need to start to use the full width of the field rather than continue to try pushing through the center with their short passing game, to players that are heavily marked. On the rare occasions they played an expansive game, they achieved some very good results, and scored some great goals. Hopefully Madame Paeng will have the wherewithal to tell players that if they don't play as she demands then they will be dropped.

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