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Changing  "O-A" extension to  “B”  (Business Visa)

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I have almost all the info, but I still do not know financial requirements for the next year's extension of non-immigrant  “B” visa.


CM immigration was not very helpful 


Thank you very much for info 

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For a extension of stay based upon working the minimum salary is 50k baht for those from most western countries.

You cannot change non immigrant visa categories without leaving the country since immigration cannot do it.

You can change the reason for your extension stay from retirement to working but you will have problems getting a work permit application done.



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I think this is a situation in which being assisted by an experienced agent is recommended.

I used an agent in CM when I changed from work to retirement, it wasn't too expensive and all went very smoothly.

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Thank you. 

My friend offered me partnership without any investment. Just to get Business class visa. 


the reason for the change is that i do not want to pay Thia medical insurance to extend my current "O-A". I have very good full international medical insurance from my home county 



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