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Suvarnabhumi - Pattaya

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The one to Jomtiem is running and they do a drop off on Sukhumvit.... if I recall correctly near the flyover... usually some bikes hanging around there. 

Might be worth booking a taxi....

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20 hours ago, KhunBENQ said:

Bell Bus website, try to book.


Result: "No data available".


Guess the OP does not need the hot tip to take a taxi (1000 Baht).

Bell Bus stopped operating April 1 2020... Their office at the North bus station has been empty since...  Their website (above) hasn't been updated since...


Book a taxi service... many available...

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5 hours ago, oznomad said:

3 times a day each way.



Hasn't operated since May. Still CLOSED...unless something has changed in past few days. Will pass by sometime soon and have a look-see. 


Took it in March to Swampy and only 5 onboard...including the driver! Took again in April with only 3 including driver. No passengers even back then, so most likely still shut down. Would not be at all surprised if it never ever operated again.

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14 hours ago, elgenon said:

Wow! who has lowered their rate to a 1000?

You have to arrange taxi service.

I had good experience with Tom Taxi service (it's a while ago but post Covid).


+66982812537 info (at) tomtaxiservice.com

(unfortunately their website currently has a problem)

You find misc other hints in the forum.

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