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Foot doctor

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There is another thread on this topic, but it has descended into squabbling, and I don't think anyone in need is going to get to my suggestion. Hence a new topic.

When I was looking for one, I found that there is really only one real doctor in Chiang Mai who specializes in feet. Tanawat Vaseenon, and he has some training in the U.S. also. His evening clinic was on Thipanet Road, not far from the moat. I am sure he is affiliated with a hospital also, but I don't know which one. This information is about two years old, so people will have to do their own research.

He corrected a diagnosis my US doctor had made, confirmed with x-rays later on. To be fair, the US doctor was not a specialist.

His pricing was also fair, at 300 baht for a consultation. X-rays are done in a nearby hospital, and you pay them directly. However, he has instructed them on how to take the x-rays, and sometimes 10-15 shots are needed from different angles.

He did miss something that I thought he should have looked into, but a chance discovery not long after brought it to light.


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Great!  I have been looking for a podiatrist for years here.  🙂


(I just looked him up, he is affiliated with Bangkok Hospital in Chiangmai.  And did a Foot/Ankle specialty at Univ of Iowa.  So his English should be good as well.)

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