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Officials hope new safety standards will help boost Hua Hin’s decimated taxis

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A tourist rides a Tuk Tuk in Hua Hin. File Photo


By Paul Andrews


Public health and tourism officials have launched a new project aimed at boosting health and safety standards in taxi and tuk tuks in Hua Hin and Cha Am.


Officials from the Hua Hin – Cha-Am Tourism Business Association and the Provincial Public Health organised training for public transport operators by establishing SHA standards before the opening of the region to foreign tourists.


The training provides drivers with knowledge on safety standards and vehicle hygiene aimed at limiting the spread of COVID-19, said Mr. Janewit Phlisak, Public Health Assistant, Hua Hin District.


Full story: https://www.huahintoday.com/hua-hin-news/officials-hope-new-safety-standards-will-help-boost-hua-hins-decimated-taxis/


-- © Copyright Hua Hin Today 2021-09-27
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Better off renting your own scooter or car if you're just visiting.


Hua Hin seems so easy and safe to drive in even the most skeptical should give it a try.


Theres so much to see and explorer around and in Hua Hin.



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2 hours ago, Pimoo2 said:

What taxis? HH has overprice tuk-tuks. The best alternatine is G**b cars..cheaper than TTK's

Grab is great!


Air con sedans compared to a cramped sardine can on wheels.


No brainer.

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There are no taxis in Hua Hin, only tuk tuks with so called 'fixed' rip off pricing which they often attempt to double on those not familiar with the pricing.


Of course this overcharging doesn't work with people who live here, but the tourists are routinely charged 250 Baht or more for what should be an over priced 150 Baht ride.


Banning these tuk tuks and introducing a proper metered taxi service would be a  much better way to go.

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