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Shopeepay - has anyone used this successfully?

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I'm trying to use a Shopee voucher and it's taken me over an hour to try and get this app working


Firstly, trying to write my address there is a 5 second delay when using the spacebar. Then i've entered info in the 'other' section for employment, which then doesn't let you select it.


My photo verification was rejected twice, firstly it said my face was covering my passport despite it being within the suggested boxes, then a second time for not including my middle name (there is no section to include it). Had to start the forms from the beginning for each rejection.


After finally getting verified I've then added my bank card to start using it, tried to top up the wallet and card payments aren't on the list options. So this then left the only option available which was to add bank account, so after going through the forms it's then asking for a Thai ID number to proceed any further.


Next I went on the Shopeepay website asking for help in the livechat and they've asked me for a screenshot of the problem (meaning I need to take a screenshot and get it onto my PC desktop). 


I then logged back into the app and under 'trusted devices' it's got both my phone and some random Samsung phone that doesn't belong to me, meaning access to all my card details.


Has anyone got it working without a Thai ID?



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I had this app and have purchased a few items, however suddenly my app wouldn't work, and when deleting, downloading and trying to log in, my phone number wasn't accepted? 

Their service advisors, then want copies of my passport, visas, etc, etc,,, which I refused to give. 

I remember around that time on this forumm, of "alledged", accounts had been "compromised"!!!, Haven't used since then, or will use in the future! 

Others might have better experiences? 

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